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krash jet ski's

The leading manufacturer of innovative personal freestyle adrenaline watercraft.


  Top riders choose Krash jet skis for their proven handling & construction. Experience one-of-a-kind modular design and adjustability. Krash has a dedication to research and development, constantly perfecting innovations to the sport.

We are New England's ONLY official dealer for Krash watercraft. See our inventory.

 freestyle jet skis


capable of dragging a bar like a dirt bike in a rut or riding choppy water like a Motorcross bike through whoops

The ultimate all-around stand-up, great for riders of all skill levels. Long tray & extra buoyancy, lightning-fast & unbeatable carving ability.


for 2022! 

Our shipment of Krash Ski's
arrives in March.

Taking deposits now, contact us.

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krash jetski

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