Ride all year in any terrain

Bringing the carving freedom of surfing onto land for the first time ever.


Similar to carving on a snowboard, a rider learns to lean into the turn. The leaning movement activates the Dual CVT Transmission that controls track speed & turning.

We are New England's ONLY official dealer for the DTV Shredder.

krash jet ski's

The leading manufacturer of innovative personal freestyle adrenaline watercraft.


  Top riders choose Krash jet skis for their proven handling & construction. Experience one-of-a-kind modular design and adjustability. Krash has a dedication to research and development, constantly perfecting innovations to the sport.

We are New England's ONLY official dealer for Krash watercraft. See our inventory.


In Stock Freestyle Jetskis


capable of dragging a bar like a dirt bike in a rut or riding choppy water like a Motorcross bike through whoops

Foot rocket

capable of flipping off its own setup wake or grabbing air behind a wakeboard boat

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