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Best Update for Your Truck: A Great Hitch

A Weigh Safe Hitch is the single-best addition you can get for hauling. The bottom line is that hauling a trailer incorrectly can be dangerous - for you, or for others on the roadway. Available at different drop-lengths and equipped with multiple ball sizes to fit any trailer, the Weigh Safe Hitch expertly measures and displays the tongue weight of your load in tow, allowing balance adjustment and improved towing performance.

It's a small safety investment that's worth every penny. We have various sizes & models in stock now in our Barrington, NH office. From your very first trailer question, to getting you moving down the road - One Stop Trailer Shop has you covered. Call, text, or message us anytime: 603-583-0087.

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From Weigh Safe's official site, this diagram shows the importance of understanding your towing load's weight.

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