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The Value in a Legend Trailer: Unbeatable.

There’s a reason we feature Legend trailers – and there’s a reason that they account for half our sales in 2019 (and we sell 16 different brand names). We choose to feature Legend trailers because Legend's engineers spend twice as much time on a single build than any other manufacturer. The value is there in each & every unit. Legend boasts superior quality and innovation – with an accurate slogan: “Buy it for LOOKS, keep it for LIFE." So - what does that mean for the consumer?

The attention to detail with their first-rate craftsmanship includes the best fit-and-finish we’ve seen in a long time. We’re talking durable commercial-grade and long-lasting - with the most modern design elements. Starting at the ground: radial tires on aluminum wheels, controlled by reputable Dexter axles, a 16-on-center skeleton with ultra-strong aluminum tube perimeter frame, and a heavy-duty triple tube tongue. A sleek exterior is made tough with chip-resistant ATP fenders, a body of polished aluminum panels, and a seamless one-piece aluminum roof overhead. All backed by the best warranty in the industry.

Legend's warranty includes a frame structural warranty for 2-3 years (depending on the enclosed trailer model), and a full year on any open trailer. Both the aluminum roof and engineered flooring is covered for 25-years! We've been a top sales dealer for this company for over five years - and we can count on ONE hand how many warranty claims we've ever put in. The construction is that solid. We say with confidence: these trailers are worth every penny.

Legend is our favorite brand, because their quality is unmatched. We’ve provided some photos here of our current Legend enclosed inventory (they make rock-solid open trailers, too). Call, text, or message us to check one out – we promise you’ll see the difference: 603-583-0087.

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