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5 Reasons to Buy a Trailer Instead of Storage Space

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

The U.S. self-storage industry brings in around $38 billion annually, according to SpareFoot Statistics. In New Hampshire, self-storage prices have continued to rise since 2015. There is a better, more convenient, and more responsible way to spend your hard-earned money while protecting your possessions: invest in an enclosed trailer. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Move Your Belongings with You

It’s great to neatly pack away your stuff – but what if you move? Or travel south for the winter months? Having your belongings stored in a tow-able trailer, as opposed to a stationary storage unit, allows you endless opportunities and doesn’t keep you tied to one place. A “storage unit” on wheels can easily be moved around your property as needed. And when a need arises for a trailer for any other purpose, you’ll have one on-hand ready to roll.

2. Get Your Money Back

We can tell you with certainty that there is a market for used trailers. And trailers that aren’t towed around daily, like those used solely for storage, will show minimal signs of wear and hold excellent resale value down the road. Spending money for a stationary storage unit - that will benefit a big company based elsewhere - just doesn’t make financial sense. So take the opportunity to meet your needs until you're ready to move on, and then re-sell your trailer.

3. Keep an Eye on Your Things

The added security of being able to see your storage trailer and your items when necessary is a welcome peace of mind for most people. Some storage facilities have security cameras, password protection, great lighting and employees that are background-checked. But you pay for these services in your contract cost, and not all facilities have them. You may feel better being able to check on your possessions in your backyard or driveway, and being able to see that your items are locked and secured at any given time.

4. Avoid Hidden Fees

Ever seen the show Storage Wars? It’s a real thing. People get over their head with storage fees. You may think the storage company can hold your stuff until you pay up – which may be true. But depending on state laws and the contract you sign with the storage company, they may auction-off your things if you have accumulated unpaid fees. So be sure you can afford monthly dues and any additional fees that may come about from a big company. Or better yet – buy a trailer for a one-time price without any hidden fees or taxes.

5. Access Your Items Anytime

Having your own trailer for personal storage means you don't have to answer to anyone about how & when you use it. Maybe you need certain items for a particular task and need to get them over to a job site. A movable trailer parked nearby makes it easy to do. Enjoy the freedom of avoiding strict business hours held by your storage company. Seeing your items more often also reminds you that they’re nearby and available for use wh